Opportunity Knocks

Sometimes we are not lucky enough to work for supervisors who might care about their people like we do. There are times when we’ll need to create a little window of opportunity; to tell our boss what we want to accomplish, how they can help or what we think need to be successful. The higher up the “ladder” a supervisor goes, the less they pay attention to the things that their people need and we need to remind them that we’re here. Author John Maxwell describes 360º Leadership in his book with the same title; we can use this as a tool to help us achieve goals that we have set for ourselves. Being forward with our own supervisor is perhaps not something that feels natural but when we are dealing with our own future and our needs, sometimes we need to push a little. As leaders we often forget to take care of our own needs, just as the cobbler’s kids have no shoes. God has put you in this place and in this time for a reason, ask questions and seek opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Luke 11:9 – “So I say to you: ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Luke teaches us to ask the lord for what we need. We need to learn to put our trust in God so that He can deliver us what we need. The real truth of the matter is that what God delivers is not always what we want or plan for but what we need. Another thing that frustrates us is that God will not do it on our timeline but on His. Today, with the microwave we cook faster, with the DVR we get television on our schedule and the Internet gives us information in an instant. Luke reminds us to ask, seek and knock on the doors that God can open for you. God has promised not to leave you. He gave us His only Son in order to keep us close. Pray and have patience, He will open the door for you.