Your word is the truth

“All you have is your word” is an old expression about truthfulness. Recent studies have shown that the American people are losing trust with Washington, City Hall, Church Leaders, co-workers and spouses. Who’s left? There isn’t much. We see decay all around us in the news with a number of ethics investigations, people embezzling, corporate corruption, high divorce rates and the number of “new” churches starting up to tell their versions of the “truth”. It seems to be an uphill battle; people are more skeptical and less trusting than they have been in years. Our job as a leader is to be truthful at all times. People deserve the truth and when we are truthful, they begin to understand what we are saying. Trustworthiness is the number one personality trait that people look for in a leader. People have to trust you as their leader; your word is your truth. No one wants to hear the latest spin you’ve got or the “company line” when they ask questions or see you in action; they want the truth, plain and simple.

John 17:17 “Sanctify them by the truth; your word is the truth.”

Fortunately, we have the bible, which is filled with God’s truths. We have been given examples of God’s promises and his fulfillment of them. There is no spin on anything in the bible and the only “company line” is “Love the Lord Your God”. Life can create doubts all around us; sometimes we are not sure who or what to believe anymore. Despite all of this confusion and our own lack of understanding, God has kept his word and will provide eternal life for us; a life better than we can imagine here on earth. So, despite all of the uncertainty we can all rest comfortably knowing that we can find our truths in the bible and in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.