Taking Direction

Middle managers have the hardest job. They are pulled in all directions – from the top, from below, from their peers and from within themselves. If you really think about it, we are all middle managers; we have someone or a group to report to. Who do the middle managers actually serve? If they keep the “company line” from the top, those who report to them will suffer. As employees, we are like plants: what isn’t cared for will dry up and die. We usually spend time taking care of those above us since they are usually the one’s who determine whether we keep working or not. When we focus solely on being a good follower, we neglect those around us: our peers who help us, those who count on us to lead and most importantly, we tend to neglect ourselves. Too many people in “leadership” positions exploit the phrase “a man’s life is not his own.” The truth is: they’re right! But our daily work life is the wrong focus of that phrase.

Jeremiah 10:23 “I know, O Lord, that a man’s life is not his own, it is not for a man to direct his steps.”

The truth however, is that as middle managers we need to remember that we do not serve at the will of our bosses but at the will of God. “It is not for man to direct his steps” is the verse that God uses to remind us that He is ordering the events of our lives and not us. When we start thinking that we are in control, is when we start to get lost. Our lives are not our own because we are here to serve each other and give all of the glory to God for His work in and through us. This puts us right in the middle, right where God wants us to be. Focus on serving the Lord and do His will by letting Him direct your steps. Lead others by providing a good example of how to care for each other. As a “middle man” you can care for everyone around you; it’s a test of your faith. Remember, even if they didn’t help you get to where you are, they are helping you stay where you are; all because God is directing the steps.