Good Name

A good reputation or a good name is hard to come by but can be very easy to loose. A good name is critical to your success in your work. Spend a moment to think: who is a leader you know that you’d like to emulate? Who is someone you enjoy speaking with? Who is someone that has helped you in your career or trained you in something new? Now ask yourself, have I done any of these things for others? It is difficult for us to know what our own reputation is, at least what people really think. Taking time to reflect on your own reputation and to answer these questions may help you measure how good your name really is.  People have placed a lot of emphasis on being successful (riches) and success by today’s standards usually equals wealth. I have a friend who is asking leaders the questions “are you being significant or successful?” He suggests that being significant to someone or others is far more important than any material success you may achieve.

Proverbs 22:1 “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”

As a Christian, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your faith everyday and be an example of Christian life. To create a good name you can show others your compassion, caring, understanding and patience. Being aggressive in business has been rewarded with bonuses and perks but might be at the cost of your good name. We learn from the message in Proverbs that it is better to be esteemed rather than rich. God will provide you great riches if you live a good life. He will give you the most important good name – Saved One. Leadership is not about getting something; it is about giving yourself to others, to share what you know so that others can become significant. Jesus did it by giving himself for our salvation, how hard can it be for us?