Most employees, your self included, want to know what direction they are headed in. Creating a vision is the single most effective way to get people to buy into any proposed change or altered direction. Employees can lose sight of and will need to be reminded of, your organization’s core values and purpose during periods of uncertainty. Leaders need to construct an envisioned future by describing what the future will look like and how you will get there. Be sure to share the plan with everyone. Set goals and objectives that describes the milestones along the way and set benchmarks with the vision in mind. Employee participation may help re-define the benchmarks because of their unique perspective within the organization. Communication throughout the entire process is the best way to keep the vision out in front of everyone. Tell people where they are headed and watch them work toward achieving that goal.

“…He will proclaim peace to the nations. His rule will extend from sea to sea and from the River to the ends of the earth.” Zechariah 9:10

The Old Testament is the visioning process of the bible. God gave us a look into what He could do and what He wanted for us. God spoke through angels and in some cases; He spoke directly to ordinary people telling about His vision. Jesus continued to set the vision of “everlasting life” and the promises of God our Father. Some people have a hard time reading the Old Testament. When you read it now, read it like a vision of what was to come and as a description of the power that God possess. He was able to overcome armies, flood the earth and cast famines to ultimately overcome Satan. We have a simple responsibility now; stay connected to Him while believing that Jesus is our one and only savior. The goal is simple – everlasting life. The vision is beautifully described throughout the bible, be sure to take the time to find where.