Stressed Out

Patience is a virtue. How often have you prayed for more of it? Nothing increases your stress levels like the constantly ringing phone, the co-worker that wants to “chat” about the events in their personal life when you have a mountain of work or the family member who wants your attention the moment you walk in the door. Stress can be a literal killer. Heart disease, illnesses, damaged relationships and substance abuse are just a few of the “side effects” caused by stress. People say that they can’t reduce their stressors because “they come with the job”. We can take steps to reduce the effects of stress by getting plenty of rest, eating good meals, exercising and avoiding caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. While some stressors can not be completely removed from our lives, we can reduce their impact by finding people to talk to; it can be quite healing and soothing and by engaging in things that make us feel good, like a hobby. There are some things that we simply cannot change but we can change how we react to them. We can be more patient with those around us and explain to them the workload we have and the deadlines we face. Set time to meet with them to talk when it is convenient for you, maybe over lunch or after work. If you don’t get control of the things that cause you stress, they will control you.

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and His understanding no one can fathom.” Isaiah 40:28

Can imagine hearing complaints and requests from 100 people? Imagine people stopping you constantly asking for your help with something and simply interrupting your day just to chat. If that isn’t a receipe for stress I don’t know what is. Take these 100 people and multiply them by millions or billions and that is the workload of God our Father. The amazing thing is that He isn’t fazed by it in the least. “The Creator of the ends of the earth” has more power than we can imagine, even in our wildest dreams. God is pleased when we call out to Him for help, seek His guidance or simply call on Him to say thank you. He has the patience to work with us because He loves us and wants to be close to us. “He will not grow tired or weary”. We were made in His image and He wants us to be just like Him – not tired or weary but strong and full of love. Send your cares, fears, worries, concerns, anger and thanks to Him because “His understanding no one can fathom”. We have no ability to understand how He can do it and why He wants to but we can be assured that His love for us is greater than we can imagine. Take care of yourself with good food, good love, good sleep, good times, good prayer and the greatness of God.