Let the fun begin!

One of the many hats I wear is one of a Military contractor, specifically the U.S.Army. Tomorrow, I’ll embark on a three week journey to, hold your breath, Central Indiana. I will be participating in a National Level Exercise (aka, War Game) for our Homeland Defense Forces under the direction of the Joint Task Force – Civil Support command, an arm of the US Northern Command. The exercise will include 4000 soldiers from around the country and about 1500 contractors and support personnel.

My “plan” is to blog regularly about what we are doing in support of the exercise. I need to apologize up front over the general nature of the posts as I’ll speak in generalities due to the security of the mission. I will be functioning as an Assistant Area Commander over seeing multiple civilian command posts. The troops work for these CP’s as they work to complete their missions. The US Military can only operate on US soil under the direction of civilian commanders except during a war. We are providing that layer for them.

I hope you will keep reading during this time, it should be interesting and a complete change for what I’ve been doing the past few months.