Being Blessed

God has truly blessed us each and every day. As leaders we have been given a wonderful gift; the gift to lead others in their vocation. We have an awesome responsibility to provide our co-workers with direction to meet stated goals, to share our knowledge with them, to learn from them and to help them achieve all that they can. God is working through us so that they will not lack anything as they too, go to work for us. Our good work has put us in a place of influence. We influence business decisions, team direction and the growth of others. When you take a minute to think about it, that can become very overwhelming but isn’t that what we signed up for when we accepted our position? God knew that we were able to meet the challenge because He has been with us from the start, whether we knew it or not.

Deuteronomy 2:7 “The Lord your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands… The Lord your God has been with you, and you have not lacked anything.”

How has the Lord your God blessed you in the all the work of your hands? Maybe He put people in your life to show you the glory of His name. People to teach and mentor you in your vocation to reach this position. Many people will say “it was a stroke of luck that I was assigned to that project, without it I would never had gained enough experience to be considered for the promotion.” We should really be thanking God for that experience; it was His way of ensuring that we didn’t lack anything. Have you thanked God for what He has done for you lately? Our Father would like to hear it from you; this is not the time to think “He knows”. One of the biggest challenges in leadership is found in the old saying “it’s lonely at the top”. We may never hear what a great job we’re doing from those that work with us but God has surely blessed us with this work of our hands, be sure to thank Him for those blessings.