You know that old saying…

In addition to using a language of acronyms, I usually get the honor to learn a few new sayings too. A few years ago it was “are you smell’n what I’m step’n in?” to mean – do you understand? There are always a few nuggets that carry over to non-military use. This year we’ve all been using a phrase from one of my favorite commercials. Here is the picture:

“Let me show you my shocked face!” We got it added into a team briefing and not the one for the Command General.

Two days ago I heard ” They are pushing back on him like a wet dog”. Let that sink in for a minute.

I had to ask my southern co-worker what that meant. He told me that no one wants a wet, smelly dog hanging around them so you push them back (or away) from you. Only in the south. Here are a couple of others:                                                                                     Are you tracking? = Do you follow me?                                                                               We need to de-conflict this = To clarify or resolve an issue. I prefer “unscrew” something that was screwed up.                                                                                                            I’m just say’n = Just an opinion or observation                                                       Scrubbing = cleaning up a document for errors