As leaders, we have the responsibility to give others strength – strength to get through difficult times, strength to accomplish move than they thought was possible and the strength to carry on everyday. A leader’s job is to inspire those around them, be a source of encouragement, a resource for guidance and a cheerleader for them as they go beyond their limits and try new things in their own personal growth. When your people speak of you, do they say “He’s always encouraging me, helping me figure things out and giving me opportunities to stretch myself”? I’ll never forget a very special leader I used to work for. She saw things in me that I never did. She was always there with a smile and a “good job!” when I completed something that I’d never done before. She’d tell me what she wanted and let me get it done, this sounds a lot like great delegation but it was always more than that, it was great mentorship.

Philippians 4:13 “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”

So, where do you get your strength? This passage reminds us to find our strength in God – “Him who gives me strength”. In our fast paced lives sometimes we forget that! We can do everything through Him because God is our strength, he is with us all day – everyday. Our privilege to lead is a gift from God; He has put us in this place at this time to achieve greatness. We too, have had a great mentor – Jesus Christ. He taught us to have compassion, patience and to be encouraging to those around us. You can be the source of strength for those you work with by being a positive role model. When people ask you “Where do you get the strength to lead from?” You can answer quite easily: God gives me the strength. In order to maintain your strength, like in any good workout routine, you need to work at it daily. We’ve all experienced a few days off from the gym; it gets harder to go back the longer you are away. Remain Strong!