Be Positive

A positive attitude can get you through just about anything. My daughter recently told her class that the most difficult thing that she has had to overcome in her life was her recovery from Gall Bladder surgery. She remembers the pain and feeling sick for days after the operation. She told her classmates what I told her to recite during her recovery, “today will be a great day” and it worked for her. Her recovery moved out of first gear and she was on her way. How do we create positive attitudes when our work is just getting us down?  We are in control of our attitude; we just have to want to be positive. It is easy to focus on the inconsiderate co-workers, the boss who won’t let up, the long commute or whatever is affecting your attitude at work. Turn it around. What can you learn from these circumstances? If you are a leader or manager, you must ensure that you are not the cause of distress for others. Today, workers need specialized attention, not a one for all fix. The bottom line is, your attitude is yours – own it.

“When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider; God has made the one as well as the other…” Ecclesiastes 7:14

It is important for us to remember that God made both the good and the bad times. Why? We might not ever find out but we are reminded that God has a plan for us. He never promised a smooth path or guaranteed happiness along the way. He puts obstacles in our path and he opens doors to help us grow. The unexpected check that arrives in mail or the new diagnosis, we can grow from both experiences. How we deal with them is our choice. We can turn away and blame God or we can search harder for an understanding to His plan. The bible has been filled with gifts for us to use to “fix” our attitudes. Do you know where to find your next attitude adjustment?