I’m in the middle of another month long military exercise – Vibrant Response. The goal is to train our homeland response forces dedicated to protecting us in the event of an attack here at home. I will not share the location or specific activities until they are concluded but I will share this, our military is stronger than ever. The exercise involves thousands of airmen, soldiers, sailors and marines responding to a major attack on a US city. While the Department of Defense, NSA, FBI and CIA work hard to prevent such attacks, if one does happen, we will be ready. We are running two sessions of the same exercise to provide training for two different Command and Control elements and double the number of forces being trained. The rules within the constitution prevent our Title 10 forces from being used on US soil unless they are under the direction of Civilian Authorities – Governors, and not the Commander in Chief. Title 32 forces (National Guard) forces are already under the direction of a governor but can be federalized to go to war. This separation safeguards our country from a military coup and training the C&C staff to work in that situation is as equally important as the work the forces are doing. I couldn’t help but think about wrath and not make the connection to the US Armed Forces.

“Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them.” John 3:36

God’s word has been very clear throughout the bible; He can be made angry easy, has a long memory and gave His one and only Son to save the world. If the Son is rejected, He will send His wrath and not let them see eternal life. The promises of God have not been broken. Jesus told us of the wonders of eternal life and the glory that we have, don’t we want that for everyone? I thought about the people that do not know Christ, which means they have rejected Him. What about the people that I know who don’t have a relationship with Christ or who have children that haven’t been baptized? I became very sad when I thought about God’s wrath that remains on them. In reflection, this is why I keep writing these weekly devotions. Maybe, I can reach one person that is lost or sustain a relationship in someone else. The month-long exercise and this verse are about safeguarding. Please reach those that are lost and help them find Christ. We are all busy in this life but an eternal life is not possible without Christ.